Partner with us to implement the EL Education K-8 Language Arts Curriculum

Case Studies (Curriculum)

EL Education’s powerful curriculum and empowering professional development drive student achievement. Data snapshots of schools we’ve worked with tell a compelling story of growth in teacher competence and student performance. Partnering with EL Education gets results for schools and districts:

  • Students become engaged readers of complex text
  • English Language Learners succeed
  • Students eligible for free or reduced-priced meals make huge gains
  • Students become motivated to produce high-quality work

What Success Looks Like

A.D. Oliver Middle School, Brockport, NY

Our coaches helped language arts teachers learn to engage students and accurately assess their progress, resulting in remarkable reading proficiency gains.

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Ida Jew Academies, San Jose, CA

We provided intensive coaching for novice teachers and a curriculum designed for equity. Literacy scores for English Language Learners and economically disadvantaged students soared.

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Scintilla Charter Academy, Valdosta, GA

Our model for engaged, purposeful learning, and our language arts curriculum helped this charter school elementary outpace the reading achievement of peers in its district and state.

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Grandview Heights Middle School, Memphis, TN

To turn the school around and make growth sustainable overtime, district leaders moved quickly to acquire a literacy curriculum that research shows works for all students.

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