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Capital City Public Charter School Principal Laina Cox Receives National Leadership Award from EL Education

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The recipient of this year's Silverberg Leadership Award from EL Education is Laina Cox of Capital City Public Charter School!

EL Education is proud to announce that Laina Cox, Middle School Principal of Capital City Public Charter School, has received the Silverberg Leadership Award from national non-profit EL Education.  

Created by EL Education Board Member Irwin Silverberg, the award is given to an exemplary school leader who has raised student achievement through deep implementation of EL Education practices. The award comes with a $5,000 cash prize. 

In accepting the award at the EL Education 2018 National Conference in Philadelphia, Cox noted that “We must teach our students that there are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wake up wondering what happened? As EL educators we know which of those people our students have to be.”

Watch Laina’s full speech here.

The instructional leadership team at Capital City Public Charter School noted that nominated Cox noted: 

“It is not her credentials alone, however, that make her a singularly effective EL school leader; it is also the leadership and trust she inspires in her staff, her students, and her entire school community. Simply expressed, we trust Laina. We trust Laina because of her skill as a model EL educator, her reliability as a principal, her intimacy within her craft to progressively strengthen our students’ paths to success, and her orientation to service over self.”

Educators nominated for the EL Education Silverberg Award must: 

  • Catalyze positive leadership as a shared function in EL Education schools from teachers, parents, and students.
  • Inspire teachers and students to embrace the EL Education culture of quality and collegiality.
  • Create an atmosphere of engagement and high standards for both learning and character.
  • Set a “higher bar” for and recognize excellence among teachers and students.
  • Encourage innovation while providing teachers the means to explore outstanding practices employed in the EL Education community.