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Better World Day: A Collective Contribution

This video shows a tapestry of over 100 student-led events across 24 states on EL Education's first annual Better World Day. Over 50,000 students, educators, and community members came together to address the unique needs of their communities. Join us in this work. #BetterWorldDay


- This is the day that school communities around the country will share student work that has contributed to a better world.

- It is also a day to connect with fellow citizen scholars across the country in acts of service.

- Students nationwide are really digging in, taking what they’ve learned and bringing it out into the world to improve communities and to make other people’s lives better, and make more connections and spread kindness.

- And when kids can engage in consequential acts of service and collaboration in the way that they did today, we believe that’s worthy of celebrating and worthy of celebrating publicly.

- Kids in the expeditionary learning group at Grandview Elementary taught parents, friends, and community members about the importance of eating healthy.

- Students grew their food in a greenhouse on site there, and then donated the fruits and veggies to the Switzer Center on Charleston’s West Side. How cool is that? What a great learning experience.

- Those are great kids, yeah.

- Most of the world is dark and gray and the world needs more rainbows and beautiful colors.

- [Woman] And these kids are definitely beautifying their city for a really long time.

- We are here at Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning, cleaning up Dale Young Nature Park.

- And Escondido Elementary school is improving its academics by getting students involved in their community.

- [Ed] The presentation is on what a clean watershed means to the ecosystem. Did we mention the EL Education people had proclaimed Friday as Better World Day? With similar events across the country.

- The message that we’re trying to give to people is to take care of the watershed and to really appreciate it.

- And later, after lunch, the kids roll up their sleeves and join Escondido city officials in cleaning up this area of the watershed.

- [Boy] Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

- Hear us out because we just want it to be done. ♪ Your life ain’t no life like better than yours ♪

- Better World Day is a day for our youth to get involved in our community. ♪ Life better than yours ♪

- So we’re playing right now. We just got done visiting a school, and we talked about how to make a change and everything. Now we’re about to go give these people some water. So I’m so excited.

- I’m happy that we’re finally making a change, and it’s gonna be a positive change in someone’s life.

- We wanna break down the walls between school and the community, and put kids into challenging situations where they have to pull not only on their academic expertise, but also on their developing sense of who they are as people.

- They’re a part of a movement.

- The academic rigor and wild adventure of these sign of our expedition ties academics and character building and inspires us to be epic citizens of our community.

- [Jessica] As they’re learning to actively contribute to their communities, so are kids all across the nation, and they’re a part of that.

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