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Better World Day in Portland, Maine: A Higher Purpose

This collaboration in Portland, Maine, was one of over 100 projects across 24 states on the first annual Better World Day. #BetterWorldDay


- Today we’re going to be at the Boulevard with King Middle and Casco Bay High School.

- Happy Better World Day. How cool is it to have three amazing EL schools celebrating Better World Day together?

- We have over 900 staff and students and community members here today to celebrate the idea that school can serve a higher purpose.

- We go around the Boulevard and do nice things to make the Boulevard a better place, like let’s pick up trash and do a couple fun activities along with it.

- And give compliments.

- Yeah.

- It’s really kind here. We’re trying to help the community as much we can and trying to make the world a better place.

- And the students will be just learning together and then bettering that area, making seed bombs that you can throw down there or take with you to better a new space in Portland.

- [Man] Will that work for you?

- Yes.

- [Man] Wonderful.

- [Teacher] There’s gonna be some gardening, there’s gonna be some art work, there’ll be some songs, there’ll be some dance.

- The experience is going to help us better understand who we are individually as schools and who we are collectively.

- One of the most powerful things you can say is come on, I need your help to solve a problem.

- We’re working on the garden.

- Thank you Mohammed!

- So we just wanted to do something that was gonna give back to the people, not just ourselves but everyone else in the community.

- We’re like all together and we’re trying to make the world better.

- It feels really nice to be connecting with other schools, like kids that I’ve never met before.

- I think we’re more and more seeing the advantage of using our older students as mentors for younger students and using our younger students to inspire older students to be their best selves.

- There is nothing as amazing as seeing a kid’s face light up because they’re being seen.

- Nice to meet you.

- And today is an opportunity for kids to really have that audience.

- A lot of exhibitionary schools around the whole country are doing the same thing, just making the world a better place.

- Connecting with each other, giving back to their communities, and sharing the high quality work that they are doing in their schools every day.

- I’m here to thank Casco Bay High--

- and appreciate King Middle School.

- They also catch kindness every day at Presumpscot.

- They’ve been working on different things and projects that have been bettering our community and our world.

- Community dialogue about how to reduce bias and harassment in our community,

- Working with Habitat for Humanity,

- Projects to help stock their food pantry,

- Proposals for how to turn the city’s future vision into reality,

- We are very thankful to have you around and have you to better our world, thank you very much.

- Our students come in with natural empathy, and we build their agency to know that they can make change in the world, and that gives us all hope.

- The passion that we feel today will live on for all of our schools.

- We are a part of something so big and so special that’s far beyond the walls of King and even the city of Portland, and today I think that was made really clear.

- We are!

- One more time!

- We are!

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