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Crew Support for Presentations of Learning

In EL Education, students communicate their achievement to authentic audiences, taking the lead in speaking about their own learning. 

Presentations of learning include:

  • Student-led conferences, in which students communicate progress in their learning to family members of other caregivers,
  • Portfolios and passage presentations, in which students present their readiness to move forward to the next level of their educational journey,
  • Celebrations of Learning, in which families, community members, and school partners serve as an authentic audience as students serve as docents of their own learning,

Presentations of learning are complex and time-consuming to prepare, and Crew provides a structure and culture to support this preparation. 

See this in action through 3 case studies:

  • Meadow Glen Middle School
    Lexington, SC
    6th Grade Student-Led Conferences
  • Polaris Charter Academy
    Chicago, IL
    3rd Grade Celebration of Learning
  • Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School
    NY, NY
    12th Grade Passage Presentations


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