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Reopening: Moving Toward More Equitable Schools

Empower Your School During the Global Crisis

Regardless of whether schools reopen in school buildings or continue in remote learning, planning for reopening is an opportunity to re-examine, transform, and improve our systems to more wholly center on the experiences of our students and staff. To deliver on our core values, we present our framework for reopening centered on our five domains:

1. Empowering Leadership, 2. Crew Culture, 3. Compelling Curriculum, 4. Students as Leaders of Their Own Learning, and 5. Deeper Instruction.

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New EL Education Measurement Tools Ensure Equity for Reopening and Beyond

How do schools know if they’re making measurable change? EL Education’s research-validated Reopening Measurement Tools guide educators through a process of continuous improvement toward more equitable, inclusive learning environments and empower educators to:

  • Respond and iterate to create meaningful, measurable, incremental progress toward equity;
  • Collect key perspectives and information from their students, staff, and families in ways that ensure their reopening work is responsive and supportive;
  • Test for equitable opportunities across multiple kinds of learning, including social-emotional, academic, and cognitive development.

The suite of measurement tools includes:

    1. Inputs and outcomes: measures of progress toward more equitable schools;
    2. Measurement tools for students and staff: surveys, exit tickets, and walkthrough tools.
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EL Education Flex Curriculum: 2020-21

Looking for adaptations of the EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum to teach in the fall, remotely or in person? Check out EL Education Curriculum Flex: 2020-21.

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